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Biblical baby girl names

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All Biblical Baby Names | Biblical Boy Names | Biblical Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Gabrielle Girl Hebrew, Biblical God is my strength
Giuditta Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian Praised
Hannah Girl Hebrew, Biblical Grace of God
Jessica Girl Hebrew, Biblical God beholds
Jodie Girl Hebrew, Biblical God is gracious
Jordan Girl Hebrew, Biblical Flow
Leah Girl Hebrew, Biblical Weary
Lisa Girl German, Hebrew, Biblical, italian My God is my oath / consecrated to God
Maria Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish Bitter / sea of bitterness
Michaela Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian Who is like God
Michela Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian Who is like God
Michelle Girl Hebrew, Biblical Like God
Naomi Girl Hebrew, Biblical Beautiful
Rachel Girl Hebrew, Biblical Ewe
Rachele Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, italian Ewe
Rebecca Girl Hebrew, biblical, italian Bound / a snare / faithful one

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