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All German Baby Names | German Boy Names | German Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Alda Girl German, Spanish, Italian Old / wise
Aldo Boy Italian, German Old / wise
Alethea Girl German / Greek Truthful / honest
Alfonso Boy Italian, Spanish, German Noble and ready
Alfred Boy German Wise
Alfreda Girl German Wise
Alice Girl German, English, Greek , Irish, italian Noble
Alison Girl German Of sacred fame
Aloysia Girl German Famous in war
Aloysius Boy German Famous in war
Alvin Boy German Beloved by all
Alvina Girl German Beloved by all
Alysha Girl German Noble
Alyssa Girl German Noble
Amelia Girl Latin, German, English, Scottish, italian Work of the Lord. Industrius
Amerigo Boy German, Italian Work of the Lord. Industrius

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