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German baby girl names

Below are the results for German baby girl names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Arabella Girl Latin , German, English, italian Beautiful altar
Arilda Girl German Hearth, home
Astrid Girl German Impulsive in love
Aurelia Girl Latin, italian, Dutch, German, Spanish Gold, proud
Azalea Girl Arabic , Latin, German, italian Name of a flower
Beatrice Girl Italian, Latin, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish Bringer of happiness and joy
Berdine Girl German Bright maiden
Bertha Girl German Bright, glorious
Bertina Girl German Bright, shining
Blanche Girl German, Latin White, fair
Blenda Girl German Dazzling
Brenda Girl English, German  To brand
Brunella Girl German, Italian Brown
Brunhilde Girl German Battle maid
Dale Girl English, Norwegian, German Valley
Edeline Girl German Noble

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