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German baby girl names

Below are the results for German baby girl names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Heloise Girl German Famous in battle
Henrietta Girl English, German Ruler
Hilda Girl German War maid
Huberta Girl German Bright mind
Idalina Girl German Noble
Idaline Girl German Noble
Idelle Girl German Happy
Idona Girl German Industrious worker
Ilse Girl German Short for Elizabeth
Kirsty Girl German From Christ / Christian
Lisa Girl German, Hebrew, Biblical, italian My God is my oath / consecrated to God
Lorelei Girl German Legendary siren
Louisa Girl German Famous in battle
Louise Girl German Famous warrior
Madison  Girl German, English Son of Maud / Matthew
Maria Girl Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish Bitter / sea of bitterness

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