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All Irish Baby Names | Irish Boy Names | Irish Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Conall Boy Irish High / mightly
Conroy Boy Irish Wise man
Cormac Boy Irish, Gaelic Of the chariot
Darby Girl Irish Free from envy
Daren Boy Irish Great
Darrin Boy Irish Great
Desmond Boy Irish / Gealic From South Munster; man of the world
Diarmid Boy Irish, Gaelic Without envy
Eilene Girl Irish Light / pretty / the bright one
Farrel Boy English, Irish Courage
Ferris Boy Irish, Gaelic Variant of Peter
Finian Boy Irish, Gaelic Fair, light
Finnegan Boy Irish, Gaelic Fair
Finnian Boy Irish, Gaelic Fair, light
Flynn Boy Irish Red headed one
Hoyt Boy Irish Mind, spirit

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