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Italian baby names

Below are the results for Italian baby names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Anna Girl English, Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, biblical Grace
Annabella Girl italian Lovable
Annamaria Girl English, Italian Beloved, grace
Annunziata Girl Italian  Annunciation, bearer of news
Anselma Girl German, Italian Guardian, protection
Anselmo Boy German, Italian Guardian, protection
Antonia Girl Latin, Italian, Greek, Spanish Priceless / inestimable
Antonina Girl Russian, italian Priceless / inestimable
Antonio Boy Italian, Spanish Priceless / inestimable
Arabella Girl Latin , German, English, italian Beautiful altar
Ariana Girl Italian Very holy
Arianna Girl Italian Very holy
Armanda Girl French, italian Army man
Armando Boy Italian, Spanish, French Army man
Armanno Boy Italian Army man
Armino Boy Italian Army man

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