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Italian baby boy names

Below are the results for Italian baby boy names. Advanced search
All Italian Baby Names | Italian Boy Names | Italian Girl Names

Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Edoardo Boy Italian Wealthy, rich guard
Egidio Boy Italian, Greek Young goat
Emilio Boy Italian, Spanish  Industrious / rival / winning one
Enrico Boy Italian, Spanish Home ruler
Enzo Boy Italian , German To conquer
Ercole Boy Italian , Greek Glory / glorious gift
Ermanno Boy Italian Warrior / army man
Ernesto Boy Spanish, Italian Sincere
Este Boy Italian  Star from the east 
Ettore Boy Italian  Steadfast / holding fast
Eugenio Boy Spanish, Italian Well born / noble
Ezio Boy Latin , italian Eagle
Fabiano Boy Italian Bean / bean grower
Fabrizio Boy Italian Craftsman
Fausto Boy Italian Fortunate / lucky / auspicious
Fedele Boy Italian  Faithful

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