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Italian baby girl names

Below are the results for Italian baby girl names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Gloria Girl Latin, italian Glory
Grazia Girl Italian Graceful
Ilaria Girl Latin , italian Cheerful / merry
Imelda Girl Italian, Spanish  Entire battle / floret
Immacolata Girl Italian  Immaculate
Irene Girl Greek, Italian Peace
Isabella Girl Italian My God is my oath / consecrated to God
Kara Girl Italian Dear
Lara Girl Latin, italian Well-known, name of a nymph 
Laura Girl Latin, Italian Laurel leaves / crowned with laurels
Lea Girl Greek / Italian Lioness
Letizia Girl Italian Joyful / happiness / glad
Lia Girl Italian , Greek Weary
Linda Girl Spanish , italian Beautiful / pretty 
Lisa Girl German, Hebrew, Biblical, italian My God is my oath / consecrated to God
Luca Girl Italian Light

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