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Spanish baby boy names

Below are the results for Spanish baby boy names. Advanced search
All Spanish Baby Names | Spanish Boy Names | Spanish Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Claudio Boy Italian, Spanish Lame / crippled
Corrado Boy Spanish, Italian Bold
Dario Boy Spanish / Italian Wealthy / king
Devante Boy Spanish  Defender
Diego Boy Spanish, italian Teaching / suplanter
Eduardo Boy Spanish Guardian of prosperity / wealth
Emilio Boy Italian, Spanish  Industrious / rival / winning one
Enrico Boy Italian, Spanish Home ruler
Ernesto Boy Spanish, Italian Sincere
Eugenio Boy Spanish, Italian Well born / noble
Federico Boy Italian, Spanish Peaceful ruler
Fernando Boy Spanish, Spanish, italian Adventurous / ready to journey
Flaminio Boy Spanish, italian Priest
Franco Boy Spanish, Italian Free / Frenchman
Gerardo Boy Spanish, Italian Brave with a spear
Gherardo Boy Spanish, Italian Brave with a spear

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