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Spanish baby girl names

Below are the results for Spanish baby girl names. Advanced search
All Spanish Baby Names | Spanish Boy Names | Spanish Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Alda Girl German, Spanish, Italian Old / wise
Alegra Girl Spanish Happy
Alegria Girl Spanish Happy
Alejandra Girl Spanish Defender of men
Alejo Girl Spanish Defender of men
Aleksen Girl Spanish Defender of men
Aleta Girl Greek / Latin / Spanish Truthful / honest
Aletta Girl Spanish One with wings
Alexia Girl Greek / Spanish Defender of men
Allegra Girl Italian, Latin, Spanish Happy
Alva Girl Spanish, Latin Fair
Amata Girl Latin, French, Spanish , Itailan Beloved
Angela Girl English, Italian, French, Greek , Irish, Spanish Angel, messenger
Anita Girl Hindu, Spanish, italian Grace
Anna Girl English, Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, biblical Grace
Antonia Girl Latin, Italian, Greek, Spanish Priceless / inestimable

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