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All Spanish Baby Names | Spanish Boy Names | Spanish Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Allegra Girl Italian, Latin, Spanish Happy
Alonzo Boy Spanish, Greek, italian Noble and ready
Alva Girl Spanish, Latin Fair
Amata Girl Latin, French, Spanish , Itailan Beloved
Amato Boy Spanish , italian Beloved
Angela Girl English, Italian, French, Greek , Irish, Spanish Angel, messenger
Anita Girl Hindu, Spanish, italian Grace
Anna Girl English, Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, biblical Grace
Antonia Girl Latin, Italian, Greek, Spanish Priceless / inestimable
Antonio Boy Italian, Spanish Priceless / inestimable
Armando Boy Italian, Spanish, French Army man
Arnaldo Boy Spanish, Italian Eagle power
Arturo Boy Italian, Spanish Nobel
Aurelia Girl Latin, italian, Dutch, German, Spanish Gold, proud
Belinda Girl Italian , Spanish Beautiful
Benigna Girl Spanish, Italian Kind

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