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Baby Girl Names

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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Aarifah Girl Muslim, Arabic Knowing, Women who recognises Islam
Aashiyana Girl Hindu beautiful home
Aasia Girl Hindu
Aasia Girl Muslim, Arabic Hope
Aasimah Girl Muslim, Arabic Protector, defendant, central
Aatifa Girl Muslim, Arabic Affection, Sympathy
Aatikah Girl Muslim, Arabic Generous
Aatiqah Girl Muslim, Arabic Shoulder (support) old
Aatirah Girl Muslim, Arabic Fragrant
Abal Girl Muslim, Arabic Wild rose
Abasah Girl Muslim, Arabic Daughter of al-Mahdi
Abbey Girl Hebrew  Joy of the father, from Abigail
Abbie Girl Hebrew, Biblical Rejocing / joy of the father
Abby Girl Hebrew, Biblical Rejocing / joy of the father
Abby  Girl Latin  Father of the abbey / monastery
Abda Girl Muslim, Arabic Worshipper

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