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Most popular baby names 2007

Are you looking for inspiration for you new baby's name? Here you can find the most popular baby boy and baby girl names in 2007 in England.
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Jack remains the most popular baby boy name in 2007 in the UK, while Grace has taken over the top spot from Olivia. People are obviously always very interested in popular names, searching the top positions looking for inspiration for new babies or finding out how popular their chosen baby name is.

The problems with popular baby names is that they may become out of date. But there is little risk in this happening in 2007 as traditional names dominate the top positions in the list, showing how little influence there has been from celebrity unique and unusual names in the UK. Things were very different in the States.

Boys - Jack retains top position

Jack remains the nations's most popular baby boy name in 2007, retaining its top position for 12 years. Thomas remains second and Oliver moves up to third. It is intersting to note that the 17th most popular name is Mohammed (up from 22nd in 2006), indicating the change in UK ethnicity.

Girls - Grace takes first place from Olivia

Grace is the most popular baby girl name in 2007, up from 2nd last year and 7th three years ago. Ruby has also jumped up significantly to 2nd, up from 4th in 2006 and 15th in 2005. Many of the most popular baby girl names are traditional and old fashioned.

Popular baby boy names

  1. Jack
  2. Thomas
  3. Oliver
  4. Joshua
  5. Harry
  6. Charlie
  7. Daniel
  8. William
  9. James
  10. Alfie
>>Top 100 baby boy names in 2007

As released by The Office for National Statistics


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