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Celtic baby boy names

Below are the results for Celtic baby boy names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Carney Boy Celtic Warrior
Carroll Boy Celtic Champion
Casey Boy Celtic Brave, vigilant
Cedric Boy Celtic Chieftain
Ciaran Boy Celtic, Gaelic Black / dark
Cody Boy Celtic, English Pillow / cushion
Con Boy Celtic Wise, high
Conan Boy Celtic, Gaelic Wolf
Condon Boy Celtic, Gaelic
Connor Boy Celtic, Gaelic High desire
Conor Boy Celtic, Gaelic High desire
Conway Boy Celtic Hound in the plain
Corey Boy Celtic, Gaelic Hollow
Craig Boy Celtic, Gaelic From the Crag
Cyric Boy Celtic, Gaelic
Dallas Boy Celtic, Gaelic Lives at the house in the dale

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