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Celtic baby boy names

Below are the results for Celtic baby boy names. Advanced search
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Dana Boy Celtic From Denmark
Darcy Boy Celtic/Gaelic Dark skinned
Davan Boy Celtic/Gaelic / Hebrew Feminine of David, beloved
Declan Boy Celtic, Gaelic Unknown
Dermot Boy Celtic Envy free
Derry Boy Celtic Envy free
Devin Boy Celtic, Gaelic From the dark one
Devlin Boy Celtic, Gaelic Brave, fierce
Dillan Boy Celtic Faithful, loyal
Dillon Boy Celtic Faithful, loyal
Doyle Boy Celtic Stranger
Driscoll Boy Celtic Interpreter
Drostan Boy Celtic, Gaelic Tumult
Drummond Boy Celtic, Gaelic It is a surname
Drystan Boy Celtic, Gaelic Tumult
Duncan Boy Celtic Dark skinned / brown warrior

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