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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Afra Girl English, Spanish, Latin From Africa, pleasant
Agnes Girl English, Greek, Irish, Latin, Scottish Pure, chaste
Aida Girl Latin, Italian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish Helpful
Aiken Boy English From the oak tree
Aileen Girl Celtic, Gaelic, English, Irish, Greek Light, bright, shining
Ailen Boy English From the oak tree
Ainsley Girl English, Gaelic, Scottish My meadow
Ainslie Girl English My meadow
Alfie Boy English From soap character
Alice Girl German, English, Greek, Irish, Italian Noble
Alicia Girl English Noble
Allan Boy English Handsome, noble, cheerful
Alonza Girl English, Italian Noble and ready
Amber Girl English Amber, precious stone
Amelia Girl Latin, German, English, Scottish, Italian Work of the Lord. Industrious
Angela Girl English, Italian, French, Greek, Irish, Spanish Angel, messenger

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