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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Alston Boy English From the Elf's abode
Alton Boy English From the old town
Amber Girl English Amber, precious stone
Amelia Girl Latin, German, English, Scottish, italian Work of the Lord. Industrius
Angela Girl English, Italian, French, Greek , Irish, Spanish Angel, messenger
Angelica Girl Latin , Greek, English, Scottish, italian Angel, messenger
Angelina Girl English, French, italian Angel, messenger
Anna Girl English, Hebrew, Biblical, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, biblical Grace
Annamaria Girl English, Italian Beloved, grace
Arabella Girl Latin , German, English, italian Beautiful altar
Archie Boy English Athletic
Arran Boy English Island
Ashlea Girl English From the ash tree / meadow
Ashlee Girl English From the ash tree / meadow
Ashleigh Girl English From the ash tree / meadow
Ashley Girl English Field of the ash tree

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