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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Alexandre Boy French Defender of men
Armando Boy Italian, Spanish, French Army man
Avery Boy English, French Ruler of the elves
Ballard Boy English, French Song you can dance to
Borden Boy English, French Den of the boar
Brigham Boy English, French Near a bridge
Bruno Boy German, Italian, French Brown
Chevalier Boy French, English Horseman
Clark Boy English, French Cleric
Demi Boy French Half, little
Desiderio Boy Latin, French, Italian Longing, desire, hope
Eamon Boy English, French, Dutch Rich, wealthy
Edgardo Boy English, French, Italian Rich, blessed, prosperous
Edmond Boy English, French, Dutch Wealthy, rich protector
Edmund Boy English, French, Dutch Wealthy, rich protector
Elliot Boy English, French Faithful to God, the Lord is God

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