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Italian baby girl names

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All Italian Baby Names | Italian Boy Names | Italian Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Beatrice Girl Italian, Latin, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish Bringer of happiness and joy
Belinda Girl Italian , Spanish Beautiful
Belladonna Girl Italian  Beautiful woman 
Benedetta Girl Latin, Italian Blessed
Benigna Girl Spanish, Italian Kind
Benita  Girl Latin , italian Blessed
Berta Girl Italian Bright / famous
Bruna Girl Russian, italian Brown
Brunella Girl German, Italian Brown
Callisto Girl Latin, Greek, italian Lovely, beautiful
Camilla Girl Italian, Latin  Young ceremonial attendant at a religious service
Candida Girl Latin, italian White / pure 
Cara Girl Latin, Italian, Irish, Gaelic, Cornish Beloved / dear
Carina Girl Italian, Latin Beloved / dear
Carlotta Girl Italian Womanly / little
Carmela Girl Italian , Hebrew, Biblical, Spanish, Latin Garden

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