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Italian baby girl names

Below are the results for Italian baby girl names. Advanced search
All Italian Baby Names | Italian Boy Names | Italian Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Carmelina Girl Italian Garden
Carolina Girl Italian Womanly / little
Caterina Girl Italian , Greek Pure
Cecilia Girl Latin, Italian Blind
Celeste Girl Latin, French, italian Heavenly
Chiara Girl Italian Bright / clear
Clara Girl Latin, Italian Bright / clear / famous
Clarice Girl Italian Bright / clear / famous
Clarissa Girl Italian Bright / clear / famous
Claudia Girl Latin, Italian Lame / crippled
Concetta Girl Italian Conception / pure
Constanza Girl Spanish , Italian Contsant
Consuelo Girl Italian, Spanish, Spanish Consolation
Cristina Girl Greek, Italian Christian
Delanna Girl Italian  Made of wool / soft as wool
Diana Girl Latin, italian, Roman Mythology Divine

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