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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Abby Girl Latin Father of the abbey, monastery
Abril Girl Spanish, Latin Month, born in April
Adelaide Girl German, Hebrew, Latin, German The noble one
Adora Girl French, Latin Adored, loved one
Adorlee Girl Latin, French Adored, loved one
Adorna Girl Latin Adorned
Adriana Girl Italian, Latin, Spanish From the Adriatic sea
Adriene Girl Latin From the Adriatic, dark one
Adrienne Girl French, Latin, Greek From the Adriatic, dark one
Afra Girl English, Spanish, Latin From Africa, pleasant
Agate Girl Basque, French, Latin Good, kind
Aglaia Girl Greek, Latin Harmony, beauty, splendour
Agnes Girl English, Greek, Irish, Latin, Scottish Pure, chaste
Aida Girl Latin, Italian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish Helpful
Aimee Girl Latin Loved one
Akilina Girl Greek, Russian, Latin Eagle

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