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Baby Names Mara

Below are the results for baby name Mara. Meaning of Mara. Origin of Mara.
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Amara Girl Greek Unfading
Amara Girl Muslim, Arabic Eternal beauty, urgent news
Ammarah Girl Muslim, Arabic An inhabitant
Asmara Girl Muslim, Arabic Beautiful butterfly
Mara Girl Greek, Italian Beautiful / bitter
Maraam Girl Muslim, Arabic Aspiration
Marah Girl Muslim, Arabic Happiness, joy
Maram Girl Muslim, Arabic Aspiration
Samara Girl Hebrew Watch or outlook
Samarah Girl Muslim, Arabic Soft light
Shammara Girl Arabic he girded his loins
Sumara Girl Muslim, Arabic Entertainer
Tamara Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamara Girl Muslim, Arabic Date tree
Xiomara Girl German Glorious forest

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Baby Name Mara - Mara Baby Name
Origin of Mara - Meaning of Mara


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