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Baby Names Usha

Below are the results for baby name Usha. Meaning of Usha. Origin of Usha.
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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Bhushan Boy Hindu adornment
Kaushal Boy Hindu
Khushal Boy Hindu happy
Kushan Boy Hindu
Kushanu Boy Hindu fire
Manjusha Girl Hindu lady with a sweet voice, a box of jewels
Musharraf Boy Muslim, Arabic One who is honoured, exalted
Naushaba Girl Muslim, Arabic Elixir
Naushad Boy Muslim, Arabic Happy
Rushabh Boy Hindu decoration
Sushant Boy Hindu quiet
Sushanti Girl Hindu peace
Trusha Girl Hindu
Tushar Boy Hindu winter
Usha Girl Hindi Sunrise
Usha Girl Hindu

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Baby Name Usha - Usha Baby Name
Origin of Usha - Meaning of Usha


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