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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Adrienne Girl French, Latin, Greek From the Adriatic, dark one
Afra Girl English, Spanish, Latin From Africa, pleasant
Afro Boy Latin From Africa, pleasant
Agate Girl Basque, French, Latin Good, kind
Aglaia Girl Greek, Latin Harmony, beauty, splendour
Agnes Girl English, Greek, Irish, Latin, Scottish Pure, chaste
Aida Girl Latin, Italian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish Helpful
Aimee Girl Latin Loved one
Akilina Girl Greek, Russian, Latin Eagle
Alberta Girl German, Italian, French, Latin Noble
Aleta Girl Greek, Latin, Spanish Truthful, honest
Aletta Boy Latin One with wings
Alfredo Boy Spanish, Latin, Italian Wise
Allegra Girl Italian, Latin, Spanish Happy
Alvaro Boy Norwegian, Latin, Italian Protector of all
Amata Girl Latin, French, Spanish, Italian Beloved

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