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All Latin Baby Names | Latin Boy Names | Latin Girl Names
Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Almeta Girl Latin Ambitious
Alroy Boy Latin Royal
Alva Girl Spanish, Latin Fair
Alvaro Boy Norwegian, Latin, Italian Protector of all
Alvita Girl Latin Vivacious
Amabelle Girl Latin Loveable
Amanda Girl Latin Loveable
Amata Girl Latin, French, Spanish , Itailan Beloved
Amelia Girl Latin, German, English, Scottish, italian Work of the Lord. Industrius
Amity Girl Latin Friendly
Amorette Girl Latin Little love
Amorita Girl Latin Beloved
Andreina Girl Greek, Italian, Latin Womanly
Anelise Girl Latin Variant of Annalisa, graced with God's bounty
Angelica Girl Latin , Greek, English, Scottish, italian Angel, messenger
Angelo Boy Latin, Italian, Greek , German Angel, messenger

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