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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Abelia Girl Assyrian, French, Hebrew Feminine of Abel, son of Adam and Eve. Breath
Aceline Girl French The noble one
Adalicia Girl French The noble one
Adaliz Girl French The noble one
Adeline Girl Danish, English, French, German The noble one
Adora Girl French, Latin Adored, loved one
Adorlee Girl Latin, French Adored, loved one
Adrienne Girl French, Latin, Greek From the Adriatic, dark one
Agate Girl Basque, French, Latin Good, kind
Aida Girl Latin, Italian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish Helpful
Aimee Girl French Loved, love
Alberta Girl German, Italian, French, Latin Noble
Albertina Girl French, German, Italian Noble
Alexandre Boy French Defender of men
Alexandrine Girl French Defender of men
Amata Girl Latin, French, Spanish, Italian Beloved

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