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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Acacia Girl Greek, Hebrew, Spanish Tree, thorny
Achilles Boy Greek Warrior from Greek mythology. Dark, brown
Adara Girl Arabic, German, Greek, Hebrew Beauty, virgin
Adelpha Girl Greek Like a sister
Adelphos Boy Greek Like a brother
Adonia Girl Greek Feminine of Adonis, beautiful
Adonis Boy Greek Handsome, good looking, from Greek mythology
Adrian Boy Greek, Latin, Irish From the Adriatic, dark one
Adrienne Girl French, Latin, Greek From the Adriatic, dark one
Aetos Boy Greek Eagle
Agatha Girl Greek, Irish Good, kind
Agathe Girl Greek Good, kind
Agathi Girl Greek Good, kind
Agatone Boy Greek Good, kind
Aglaia Girl Greek, Latin Harmony, beauty, splendour
Agnes Girl English, Greek, Irish, Latin, Scottish Pure, chaste

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