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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Abran Boy Spanish Father of many
Abrienda Girl Spanish Opening, to be opened
Abril Girl Spanish, Latin Month, born in April
Acacia Girl Greek, Hebrew, Spanish Tree, thorny
Adabela Girl Spanish Beautiful noble one
Adalia Girl German/ Hebrew, German, Spanish, Arabic The noble one
Adan Girl Spanish Man, earthly, of the earth
Adela Girl German, Spanish The noble one
Adelina Girl English, Spanish, German The noble one
Adelio Boy Spanish The noble one
Adelma Girl Spanish The noble one
Adena Girl Hebrew, Spanish Delicate
Adolfina Girl German, Spanish The noble wolf, warrior
Adolfo Boy Spanish From Adolph, the noble wolf or warrior
Adoncia Girl Spanish Sweet
Adriana Girl Italian, Latin, Spanish From the Adriatic sea

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