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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Faakhir Boy Muslim, Arabic Proud, Excellent
Faaz Boy Muslim, Arabic Victorious, successful
Fabia Girl Latin, Italian Bean, bean grower
Fabiana Girl Italian Bean, bean grower
Fabiano Boy Italian Bean, bean grower
Fabiola Girl Italian Bean, bean grower
Fabrizio Boy Italian Craftsman
Fadeelah Girl Muslim, Arabic Superiority
Fadheela Girl Muslim, Arabic Virtuous
Fadi Boy Muslim, Arabic Redeemer
Fadil Boy Muslim, Arabic Generous
Fadila Girl Muslim, Arabic Good looking, attractive
Fadilah Girl Muslim, Arabic Distinguished, learned
Fadiyah Girl Muslim, Arabic Redeemer, self sacrificing
Fadl Boy Muslim, Arabic Favour, surplus
Fadl Allah Boy Muslim, Arabic Favour of Allah

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