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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Adaih Boy Gaelic From Adam, earthly
Adair Boy English, Gaelic, Scottish The noble one, from the oak tree
Adhamh Boy Gaelic, Irish, Scottish From Adam, earthly
Adhamhnan Boy Gaelic From Adam, earthly, little Adam
Aidan Boy Celtic, Gaelic Little fire
Aiden Boy Celtic, Gaelic, Irish From Aidan, little fire
Aileen Girl Celtic, Gaelic, English, Irish, Greek Light, bright, shining
Aindrea Boy Gaelic Manly
Aine Girl Celtic, Gaelic, Irish Joy
Ainsley Boy Gaelic My meadow
Ainsley Girl English, Gaelic, Scottish My meadow
Aislin Girl Celtic/Gaelic Dream
Aislin Girl Gaelic Dream
Aisling Boy Gaelic Dream
Aisling Girl Gaelic Dream
Aislinn Boy Gaelic Dream

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