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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Adamnan Boy Irish Man, earthly, of the earth
Adhamh Boy Gaelic, Irish, Scottish From Adam, earthly
Adrian Boy Greek, Latin, Irish From the Adriatic, dark one
Afric Girl African-American, Celtic, Irish From Africa, pleasant
Africa Girl Celtic, Irish From Africa, pleasant
Agatha Girl Greek, Irish Good, kind
Agnes Girl English, Greek, Irish, Latin, Scottish Pure, chaste
Aiden Boy Celtic, Gaelic, Irish From Aidan, little fire
Aileen Girl Celtic, Gaelic, English, Irish, Greek Light, bright, shining
Aine Girl Celtic, Gaelic, Irish Joy
Alan Boy Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish Handsome, noble, cheerful
Alice Girl German, English, Greek, Irish, Italian Noble
Anastasia Girl Greek, Russian, Irish, Italian Resurrection
Angela Girl English, Italian, French, Greek, Irish, Spanish Angel, messenger
Ashlin Girl English, Irish From the ash tree farm, meadow
Ashlin Boy English, Irish From the ash tree farm, meadow

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